Ozzy had aids….for a while

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Ozzy Osbourne revealed that he was diagnosed as HIV positive but later told the test results were wrong. Ok somebody would be getting OJ’d if i was him.

Ozzy explained in an interview with Glamour magazine: ‘I went to the doctor and had an AIDS test and he told me it was positive. That was one of the worst days of my life.

‘When I used to get f***ing loaded I would get myself into all kinds of situations. It turns out that because I was drinking and using drugs so much, my immune system had dropped so that it was a borderline result. When I went back to be tested again it was negative.’

Can you imagine that? The worst day of my life was when i was banging a chick and the condom broke, can you imagine that? Who knows what the hell she has? You might be asking then why did you have sex with her? Well i was listening to an Ozzy song and for some odd reason i heard the song backwards and it told me to.