LeAnn Rimes quits Twitter, i quit life

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Country singer LeAnn Rimes has announced that she’s taking time off from Twitter after fans chastised her over a set of photographs that showed the 27-year-old getting steamy with boyfriend Eddie Cibrian as one of his young sons sat just inches away.

“Since when is kissing your boyfriend a crime?!” the divorced star – who had an affair with Cibrian, 36, while filming a 2009 Lifetime movie – tweeted July 6. “Who’s right was it to take pics of us in a private moment and display them for judgement?!”

Is that really such a bad thing? I’ve done far worse things when i have a woman over for the night and she brings her kid. Matter of fact I’ve done far things worse with women in general, like banging a guy’s wife. Yeah he thought she was getting pizza for the family on a Friday night…wrong! She was like giving me oral homie! Anywho back to the kid issue. That is a little creepy doing anything sexual with a kid around. I for one remember being a kid and walking in on my father banging some woman he was dating, what did i learn? My father has a huge wang and women are freaked out by the thought of a father-son threesome. By the way does anyone find LeAnn Rimes actually attractive? I never got that.