Kim Kardashian is literally busting out of her Dress

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When your ass is as big as Kim Kardashian’s you pretty much need to have some one to fix your dresses and other clothing on stand by. Apparently Kim hasn’t gotten that message yet, but she is as dumb as a box of rocks. So I don’t really expect much from her but to stand there and look, well some times look pretty. Some times look like a gold digger, but always look clueless.

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Kim Kardashian in a Bikini is definitely worth a look

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I’m not sure if Kim Kardashian has to purchase separate bottoms to fit over her large ass, but it looks like that big ass is still busting out of that bikini she has on. Her body looks like an hourglass, if that hourglass was compacted by a massive tractor trailer filled with granite boulders. I wonder how long before she milks Kanye West of all the money Jay Z gives him for his weekly allowance.

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Kim Kardashians Ass is Getting Even Bigger, Wide Load Variety

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It really looks like her ass is busting out o f the seems, literally! Kanye must have had to stick hit little girl hands down there to help tuck this wide load into these pants, which looks like an overstuffed pillow case. When I finally find out why this girl is famous to begin with, I’ll have more witty comments regarding her big ass.

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Kim Kardashian is getting annoying

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I always was a fan of porn star Kim Kardashian. Sure she wasn’t exactly great in bed but her face and booty made up for alot. These days porn star Kim is getting married and she wants to rip off Prince William’s wedding in ways. Do you know how evil that is to rip off a wedding of someone we essentially see as a joke? Awww that’s adorable, they have Princes and Kings like in children’s books.  Why not have a wrestling themed wedding?  It would be more entertaining and make more sense. The ring bearer? The Undertaker. The Preacher? Doink the Clown. The best man? Goldberg, to keep out outside interference from bringing in the steel chair!!


A source told PopEater: “Kim’s wedding is going to be bigger than Tom and Katie.

“In fact, she wants it to be bigger than William and Kate’s.”

The source continued: “The wedding is going to be massive. They are talking about having multiple weddings around the world. All of which will be recorded to air on TV and have hundreds of celebrity guests attending.

Who did she blow to get there?

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kimdress3 [800x600]

I was looking through the Emmy pictures and was shocked to see Kim Kardashian in them. How in the H did Kim Kardashian get an invite? Is everything in America even in Hollywood declining? Now we have porn stars on the Red Carpet and a bad porn star at that. If were going to have Kim Kardashian why not Carmella Bing? That’s a girl that can take it to the face like a pro. If not Carmella why not Bree Olson? Bree appeared in a episode as a babysitter on Keeping up with The Kardashian. Reality show my abnormally-sweet-backside.

Show it off at Rite Aid you whore

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Kim Kardashian and her sister that i don’t feel like typing did some kind of promo for some product that they’re pushing. I wonder if Kim ever gets tired of showing off her ass everywhere she goes? I mean she’s trying to sell something that has nothing to do with being sexual and you know the paparazzi was yelling at her to turn around. I want to see her going to see a kid that has cancer and when leaving 5 minutes after the child dies she has to show off her ass for TMZ.

Too perfect

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Kim Kardashian walked on the beach for the paparazzi. That body is just ridiculous. What the eff is wrong with Reggie Bush? I’m not into starting rumors or anything but i just started one now by saying i heard he was caught leaving a gay gloryhole.


OOps i didn’t see you there while I’m looking perfect

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Here’s Kim Kardashian on the beach in her bikini shooting for some magazine…I think by the looks of it. I really hate that I like Kim Kardashian because she is the exact reason i hate Hollywood and TV. You can’t hate on her looks because she’s pretty much perfect and she’s not throwing herself out there begging to be famous, she does it in a sneaky way that makes me crazy. She’s not showing her vag around Hollywood, she has a show on E! showing her daily boring life. Ughh why do i watch her and why would i marry her?