I threw up a little

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Pop Star and overall horrible person Ke$ha has gotten herself in a scandal after a picture of her has leaked online showing her topless covered in man juice. How sexy would that picture be if it was Hilary Duff instead of Ke$ha? When i first seen this picture it totally reminded of every chick that i went to school with that lived in a trailer park. I always had some sort of crazy attraction to those kind of girls because you know they’re in some crazy stuff sexually, like once going down on their dog after coming home drunk after fighting with their baby’s daddy that is currently addicted to heroin.

She’s edgy and stuff

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Ke$ha (with a $) performed on stage recently rocking a sweet outfit that says i will totally kick your ass and i do what i want you bitches! I’m wondering how long this gimmick will last? Will she just go away or will she try to evolve to be more appealing? Me thinks she’ll end up on a Hotel room floor with needles hanging out of her arm.


Cause she’s hardcore or something like that

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I can’t figure out what RCA Records is trying to do with Ke$ha. First she’s dissing Britney Spears and now Justin Bieber? Don’t judge the above picture too harshly. She’s only 23 years old, born in LA and had near perfect SAT scores, also appeared in Paris Hilton’s reality show in 2005. I guess RCA is trying to promote her as the hardcore type? They really should have given her different kind of music to do because her music really is embarrassing. We get it with Lady GaGa, she dresses weird and is loved by the gays. Ke$ha has the money symbol in her name and sang background for Britney Spears and wrote for Miley Cyrus? RCA should make her do country music, that would be at least fun to watch.