Katrina Bowden is looking really cute

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Who is Katrina Bowden? Hell if i know. She looks like the much sexier version of Cameron Diaz, minus the incredibly huge mouth and insanely puffy cheeks. No clue what she’s in, or what she does but she looks incedibly hot and I’m pretty impressed with her face and small curves.

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30 Rock? More like 30 boners

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I’m so far behind on everything going on, who is Katrina Bowden? When i first seen these pix I thought it was Julie Bowen (Happy Gilmore chick.) Anywho I got bummed out it wasn’t Julie. I read Wikipedia and it said Katrina Bowden has a part on 30 Rock, good for her. Speaking of Julie Bowen check out herbreastfeeding her twins and don’t look at these pix in a sexual way you perv, breastfeeding is anatural thing. If your mom breastfeed you maybe you wouldn’t be on this sitewith your hand in your pants. Here’s Katrina Bowden who has a part on 30 Rock…Enjoy!