Kat Dennings boobs are about to pop out this dress

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Well, she is kind of funny, kind of annoying some times because of that monotone voice. But when she puts some nice clothes on, or some every day clothes and fixes her hair a little.Kat Dennings is pretty damn cute in that emo girl turned sexy modern girl type of way. Nothing bad to say about these pictures, she looks pretty tittylicious.

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Kat Dennings is also naked. Me likey

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kat2 [1600x1200]

Not only did naked pictures of Jessica Alba leak but the actress Kat Dennings came out with her own and made me forget about the crappy Alba pix. Jesus look at those things. Didn’t she star in The 40 Year Old Virgin? Ever since these pictures came out I’ve been monitoring her Twitter like a crazy stalker. I have no crazy comments…Just shhhh and enjoy and pretend Jessica Alba’s body doesn’t actually look like that.

More pictures below, you sexy beast

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