The Illuminati murdered Michael Jackson

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Ok so that’s what Joe Jackson probably thinks according to a new statement released by Joe Jackson. The doctor is only the fall guy for The Rockefeller family! Don’t fall for it!

Joe Jackson has gone public with a conspiracy theory surrounding his son Michael’s death last summer – he’s convinced the King of Pop’s doctor was part of a group out to kill the singer.

“To me, he’s (Murray) just a fall guy. There’s other people, I think, involved with this whole thing. But I think that if he’s interrogated, he would come clean and tell everything he knows.”

I have to admit I’m fascinated by the YouTube videos that says The Illuminati murdered Michael Jackson. I also heard Jay-Z collaborated with Kanye West and the Skull & Bones to poison Michael Jackson because he found out who was actually responsible for the 9/11 attacks.