Joaquin Phoenix film was staged. There’s a film?

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Actor Casey Affleck has admitted the documentary film he made about Joaquin Phoenix quitting Hollywood to become a rap star was staged. Wow i hope Joaquin didn’t put alot of effort into that documentary because I wasn’t even aware of it until this story came out.

Affleck told the New York Times that Phoenix gave a “terrific” performance”.

Over the last two years, the actor has behaved strangely in public, leading fans and critics to wonder whether he was documenting a breakdown on film.

I’m Still Here was shown at the Venice Film Festival this month, where Affleck insisted the events were genuine.

I’m Still Here includes footage of the actor apparently taking drugs, surfing the internet for call girls, diving off a stage to attack a heckler and vomiting.

Oh so it’s like a Bruno type movie. Hopefully like Bruno Joaquin is banging guys and kidnapping washed up stars. I don’t get it, then again i don’t get The Jersey Shore either so that shows you I’m below that level of entertainment.

Andy Kaufman wasn’t funny either

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Joaquin Phoenix appeared on David Letterman last night acting extremly eff’ed up. Didn’t his brother die of a drug overdose? Is it suppose to be funny him pretending to be f!cked up on something? Meanwhile Joaquin is working on a mockumentary with Casey Affleck about him leaving Hollywood to work on a rap album produced by P. Diddy. This is so lame and not funny.