What a naughty lil’ Nazi

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Well the picture finally hit the internet of Jesse James rocking a Nazi officer hat. Thank God I’m not famous, no offense but my uniform is much more cooler.

A much talked about photo of Jesse James wearing an SS officer hat, while doing a Nazi salute and his fingers placed under his nose to imitate a Hitler mustache, has come out and is causing a stir. The photo was taken sometime in 2004, while he was dating Sandra Bullock.

Jesse’s friend says that he is not a neo-Nazi and that he was just playing around. He also said that Jesse’s stepmom’s father was killed in the Jewish camps and he is definitely not a white supremacist.

Sure the picture is really offensive and all and this is really a bad time for this picture to leak. Maybe I’m too easygoing because when I’m around my close friends i do crazy stuff like that all the time, friends know your kidding around. Then again we don’t know Jesse so maybe that picture was taken at a Grand Wizards meeting.

Rip-off! Tiger already did it!

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A fourth woman has came forward claiming to have had a relationship with Jesse James. Why get married Jesse? I just don’t get it.

“He pursued her and he had strong feelings for her,” Allred said in a statement. “She is in the process of trying to decide if she will come forward.” Allred added that the woman has “hundreds” of texts, e-mails and photos to back up her story.

*Yawn* Do we really have to go through this again? I really don’t understand if your going to have 5+ girls on the side why would you be in a serious relationship? I got 10 girls on the side at the moment, do you really think it would be smart to get married? No, the answer is no. Ohhhh if one of my girls is reading this I’m totally kidding…..Oh no’s.