Fugly way to hide fat

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Not a very flattering shirt Jennifer. Come on let that fat free! i thought you were fat and proud?

Fat and happy

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Obese actress Jennifer Love Hewitt told People magazine that she never considered going on a diet when those bikini pix surfaced online showing her big ass.

JLove insists that if she does step up the exercise, it will be not be through vanity.

She adds: “If I do work out more it will be for my health, so I can live a long time and we can have kids and be happy together until we are in our 80s.

Working out is a great way to be healthier but eating all that chocolate and Mcdonalds kind of defeats the purpose Jennifer. There is a reason that ass is getting bigger, but hey if your happy good for you.

Sweet love is a beautiful thing

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Jennifer Love Hewitt minus makeup was seen walking around with her boyfriend (i guess.) Aww it’s so adorable, you can tell they are in love cause their pants totally match.

Suck it in girl

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Morbidity obese actress Jennifer Love Hewitt showed up to the Instyle lunch party earlier this week showing off a smaller figure. Don’t you just feel for the guy banging that? Don’t get me wrong I’d tap it I’m just not into the whole food-sex play.

Still hiding the fat

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Fatty actress Jennifer Love Hewitt is still hiding her fat with big shirts. Jennifer embrace it!

Perfect way to hide the fat

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Jennifer Love Hewitt sure knows how to hide the fat. She has denied she’s pregnant which confuses the crap out of me. So she denies she’s not pregnant and isn’t fat either. Ok which is the lie?

Jennifer Love fat-ass called by Playboy

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Tasteful Celebs is hearing that Playboy has called actress Jennifer Love Hewitt to pose for Playboy since the recent reports of her weight gain.

Love Hewitt chose not to get naked. The actress’ publicist tells the upcoming issue of In Touch Weekly magazine the Ghost Whisperer star was “flattered” by the offer, but turned it down.

Duh, you can’t be surprised that she turned it down. If it wasn’t for her legendary cleavage where would she be right now? Do you really wanna know that the boobs you’ve been busting children off to for years are really saggy and not as big as you thought? Push-up bra’s are the work of the devil.

Jennifer Love Hewitt isn’t pregnant

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Sources tell us that Jennifer Love Hewitt has denied she is pregnant.
Jennifer Love Hewitt quickly moved to quash them, saying they were “100 per cent false”.
Ok, she probably should of went along with that. That would of kept people from calling her fat.