Your stupid and fat people suck

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Jessica Simpson is coming to Gaby Sidibe‘s defense against Howard Stern for his recent outburst that the Oscar nominee could kiss her Hollywood career goodbye because of her weight. Truth is so harsh right?

“I’m actually surprised somebody had the cojones to say that,” Simpson tells me from a New York City hotel. “I just think that’s really disrespectful.”

“It’s unfortunate because she walked the red carpet at the Oscars and she owned it,” Simpson said of the Precious star. “She was beautiful. There was no denying that she did not think she was the most beautiful person on that red carpet. She was just owning that moment for herself. She had such confidence and I absolutely 100 percent think she could get anything in the world that she wants.”

I weighed 345 lbs last year so I know what it’s like to be huge, I’m far from a fatist. Fat people just aren’t accepted unless your Oprah. Losing 145 lbs was one of the easiest things I’ve ever done, put that McDonald’s down and pick up a banana fatty!

That seems like fun

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Here’s a new photoshoot with Jessica Biel and Jennifer Garner. I’m not sure why they got together for this shoot and i really don’t care to find out unless they’re doing some kind of lesbian sex tape for Vivid Video. Speaking of Vivid did you ever watch the full Chyna sex tape? That has to be the worst sex tape ever, she gives decent mouth hugs but can you imagine looking down and seeing that face blowing you? I’ve had some rough patches in my life with hideous people and I’m proud to say i never wondered before they got naked if they have a bigger penis than me. Sadly Chyna’s penis is a decent size. Click here to see Chyna naked on Howard Stern, it’s NSFW so be careful and good luck.