Holly Madison is preggers, just barely showing

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Doesn’t matter if preggers, still hot as fuck! Holly Madison is one of those women who can manage to make even the ugliest shit look sexy as fuck! Not that I’m a big fan of pregger chicks or anything, that’s just weird. But she does seem to look glowing in these pictures. Perhaps its just the lighting.

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Holly Madison married a gnome

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Seriously Holly Madison married a Gnome. The Gnome sent me these pix during the honeymoon, he was all excited cause he tricked her saying he was Ryan Seacrest. Hope you got a prenup my little Gnome friend.

The whore next door

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Ok that was a little mean, Holly Madison is not a whore. A whore is somebody who has sex for money and Holly never done that before. Anyway here’s Holly and her big fake boobs.

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Naw too fake

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Hugh Hefner’s ex employee Holly Madison attended some party showing off her bikini body. Don’t get me wrong her body is nice, she just reminds me how bad i hate fake boobs (NSFW link.) Terrible just terrible.