Haylie Duff is definitely growing up, and out

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Who ever thought Haylie Duff was going to turn out to be ugly, well, you’re an idiot. She has more curves then damn near 90% of the actresses in Hollywood. Some people think stars are supposed to look all skinny like they haven’t eaten in weeks. But those people have mental issues. You don’t need to look like a stick, you need to look like this. Curvaceous!

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Haylie Duff’s boobs look really weird in that shirt, either that or I’ve never seen breasts in person and I’m not telling my shameful secret. Seriously doesn’t that look a little bizarre? It reminds me of when i was a kid and would put things in my shirt and pretended i have boobs to tease the older men at the local bar. I was a slutty 8 year old boy.