Does Gary Coleman have to slap a bitch? Yes

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Gary Coleman was arrested yesterday on a domestic-violence warrant. It’s not even funny anymore, seriously.

The arrest is the latest blow for 1970s child star.

Coleman’s relationship with his wife, actress Shannon Price, has been rocky over the years, although the alleged victim in the current case is not known.

In July, Price, who met Coleman on the set of the 2006 comedy “Church Ball,” was nabbed for locking him out during a fight and trashing the house.

In July 2007, Coleman allegedly unleashed a verbal tirade at Price in a parking lot, leading to a disorderly-conduct charge.

The pair appeared on the TV show “Divorce Court” the next year, but later reconciled.

I really do feel bad for Gary. His parents screwed him out of $18 million that he made as a kid and now look. Just another reason when you make it big you only speak to your parents through a lawyer.