Emma Watson knows how look sexy and classy

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Well damn! Emma Watson is definitely a hotty, but she can do that sexy elegant look like few others. Well, perhaps because a lot of the other hoes of Hollywood are to busy slutting it up and showing off all their goodies all the time. Emma, props on keeping it classy and looking damn sexy doing it.

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Emma Watson as a Brunette

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Check out the grown up and sexy version of Emma Watson on set in Venice for her new movie ‘The Bling Ring’. Showing off some skin all over as she sports her Daisy Dukes and lingerie top around on set.

30+ Pictures in this gallery.

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Grow your hair, you look retarded

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Emma Watson appeared on Letterman looking like i did when i was 12. This look is no good for her don’t you agree? That was a rhetorical question because i know i’m right. Emma with long hair is like a 9 to me. If she didn’t have that accent she would be a 5 maybe. I can’t help it, that accent is super sexy to me. Now i can’t say i could be with someone with a British accent, that would drive me crazy. No i don’t want a spot of tea and i don’t want to taste a fag!

I kinda like Emma Watson

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I talked alot of shiite about Emma Watson in the past trying to figure out what is the appeal people see in her. Well i met this totally hot girl that looks almost identical to her (I call her Emma, I’m pretty sure that’s not her name.) I’m trying to get my Emma to get her English accent on. Anywho here’s Emma on David Letterman promoting her latest movie.

Where’s the appeal?

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People go crazy over Emma Watson and i don’t see the appeal of her? I could go to a Church right now and find a girl hotter than her. Speaking of which do yourself a favor and bang a church girl you’d be surprised how much of a freak they actually are just don’t tell them to call you by your nickname…God, apparently it’s “offensive” to them. Oh yeah you getting nailed tonight! Very bad taste.