Wait Corey Haim banged Posh Spice?

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I was reading the famous people that sent condolences to Corey Haim AKA people wanting their name in the news and i found out Victoria Beckham banged Corey for a while? This of course happened before Victoria joined The Spice Girls.

“Victoria hadn’t had any contact with Corey for years, but she was still shocked to learn of his death in such circumstances,” a source tells The Sun.

I find that pretty amazing. I would have sex with Victoria as well, only to be close to David Beckham.

Suck on it Beckham haters!

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You gotta love this video. Everybody is booing David Beckham and he gives them a reason to shut the eff up. I can’t help it, I support the good looking people. Thank God that Hitler guy was a total buttaface.