Christina Milian is getting sexier

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Ever since i seen Christina Milian in a bikini I’m in love. Ignore the ugly slutty girl on the far left, she’s the friend that makes the rest of the ladies look better.

Christina Milian’s bikini body

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Fergie better watch out cause Christina Milian is looking like she has one of the best bodies in Hollywood. Also her face wont scare little kids.

Christina Milian is ready to do some business

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I’d love to do some business with Christina Milan and by business i mean the wild thing and by the wild thing i mean sexual intercourse ending with me in the corner crying cause her bra lied to me.

Christina Milian PS3 Party

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Christina Milian trying clothes on

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Christina Milian trying clothes
Christina Milian trying clothes9Christina Milian trying clothes8Christina Milian trying clothes7Christina Milian trying clothes6Christina Milian trying clothes5Christina Milian trying clothes4Christina Milian trying clothes3Christina Milian trying clothes2

Christina Milian in Vibe magazine

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christina m
Christina Milian vibe06Christina Milian vibe05Christina Milian vibe04Christina Milian vibe03Christina Milian vibe02Christina Milian vibe

Christina Milian private pix

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Christina Milian private
Christina Milian private04Christina Milian private03Christina Milian private02

Milian On The Verge Of Bankruptcy

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christina_milian.jpgActress/singer Christina Milian has fallen on hard times after being dropped by her record label and has resorted to selling her clothing on eBay to make money.
The R+B star was dumped by Def Jam records earlier this year, just one month after her third album So Amazin’ made its debut.The struggling singer is desperately searching for a new record label and has been forced to sell her clothes on the auction website for some quick cash, according to entertainment news website

A source says, “Christina has been using a lot of her own money to go out and promote herself, and she’s not rich.”

Milian isn’t the only cash-strapped star selling her wardrobe on the site – Tori Spelling also has designer duds up for auction.