Hmmm Miley’s parents get divorce

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Miley Cyrus’ parents are officially getting a divorce according to reports. Hmmm I wonder….ehhh nevermind.

Singer-actor Billy Ray Cyrus has filed for joint custody of teen pop star Miley Cyrus and her siblings, after ending his marriage to wife Tish.

He filed for divorce in Tennessee, Tuesday, citing irreconcilable differences.

In the court papers, Cyrus has asked to ‘share the care, custody and control’ of Miley, 17, Braison, 16, and Noah, 10, reports

The couple, who tied the knot soon after the birth of Miley, also has three adult children from previous relationships.

Hopefully Billy Ray can get back on his feet and recover from the painful divorce. Maybe Billy will now take a closer look at his daughter and make sure she isn’t giving 40 year old men lap dances and doing those sexual pictures. Good luck!

That’s kinda creepy PT. 1200

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Billy Ray Cyrus AKA that dude i hated as a child because I’m from the South and that gay song he did was apparently some sort of official state song has commented on the video of his 16 year old daughter dry humping a 46 year old man.

Her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, has come to her defense, explaining her behavior as normal.

“It’s what people her age do,” he told TMZ, adding that she was just “having fun.”

I said it’s not a big deal too. I’m saying that because what i say is suppose to shock you. For some reason i think that video is on a constant loop at the Cyrus home, look at my baby having a good time!

So your not eff’in your dad?

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Miley Cyrus wrote in her new book (Yeah 16 years old writing a book about her life) That she is bothered by people who think that she and her dad, singer Billy Ray Cyrus, are “too close or too cuddly.”

The teen sensation writes in her memoir, “Miles to Go,” that negative reactions to her bond with her father and “Hannah Montana” co-star hurt her feelings. She finds nothing “weird” about their relationship and believes some people are simply “full of anger, hatred and bitterness.”

I’m not saying there is anything weird going on especially since she’s 16 years old. Now if she was 18 i would say the whole nude shoot with her dad is probably how they spend a normal…How about that book huh? Sounds like something to pick up.