Too much Anne

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Anne Hathaway announced the Grammy Nominations yesterday (I guess?) Now I’m a crazy, insane Anne Hathaway fan who i would gladly receive strap-on sex from. Come on you know she’s a freak and she’s so pretty i would be submission just to make her happy. I hate when a hot chick tries too hard with the makeup, there is nothing sexier than when a girl is at home in her normal clothes. So i’m suggesting PJ’s instead of a stupid $10,000 outfit.

Hathaway regrets Havoc nude scenes

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This is sad to hear. My favorite nude scenes from Anne Hathaway in her movie Havoc was sooo awesome, well now Anne said it made her sick.

“I was terrified and sick to my stomach,” she told GQ. “But I eventually saw the movie – and although I don’t like the shot, the director was right. It was necessary to convey the fact that this girl I was playing had no respect for her body or her own sexual identity.”

Hathway also confessed that she has grown up since appearing in The Princess Diaries at the age of 18.

“I thought I knew everything,” she said. “I was hopelessly fat-headed at the time. It was a heady thing so young, and the fame got to me.”

I swear to God if Anne stops doing nude scenes I’m going to write her a strongly worded memo. Wasn’t her whole purpose of doing these scenes was to get away from her early Disney image like Jessica Biel did in Gear magazine? I still love her though and will touch myself to The Devil Wears Prada later tonight.

Hathaway for your Friday

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Here’s a little Anne Hathaway for your Friday. I have no idea what’s she’s doing in the above picture but I’m having Brokeback Mountain flashbacks… she was topless in the movie, I’m not talking about the gay sex you homophobe. I’m completely open as a person but i don’t see how you can let a guy bend you over and man-handle you, now after experimenting with LSD for a full day that’s a whole different story.


She’s friggin’ gorgeous

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Here’s Anne Hathaway in a new photo shoot i guess. Anne Hathaway has to be one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. And not in the i-wanna-bang-her-and-awkwardly-push-her-out-the-door sort of way. She’s 27 and aging really great. She could even get away with not doing freaky stuff in bed, she doesn’t like to touch a penis? Ok that’s fine we can cuddle instead.

She’s too pretty

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Anne Hathaway is way too pretty. I’m proud to brag that i banged a girl that looks alot like Anne and I fell in love with her, the problem is she’s married and I’m pretty sure her husband knows where i live. The vag was totally worth it though. Now lets discuss the sex, it was incredible. First off she hit on me and i was like Oh snap is this girl really hitting on me at her wedding and if my brother found out wouldn’t he be pissed?

Dats fine, she’s fine

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Here’s some new pix of Anne Hathaway. She’s one of those young Hollywood stars that gets on my nerves. She’s 26 and doesn’t party and get caught without her panties. Only time we see her naked is when we watch her movies (Havoc anyone?) Speaking of Havoc i got a DVD to watch, pretty sweet movie then again I’m a Anne Hathaway groupie, yes I’m a male groupie and it comes with zero benefits.

Now that’s fine! She fine!

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I found an old photo shoot from 04′ with Anne Hathaway for Elle magazine, i can’t believe i missed these pix. Anne is the perfect actress, a whore on screen and normal girl in real life. You’ll never hear about Anne caught without panties or worried about a sex tape being leaked. Stop being so damn normal and do something whorish damnit!

I’ll watch it

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My future baby mama Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson are starring in a new movie called Bride Wars. Judging by the pix it seems like a cheesy chick flick but Anne is bringing the boobs out so i’m totally gonna watch it on mute when it comes out on dvd.