White people stank

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I seen this video (Click above to watch) on SexyandFunny (plug?Absolutely) and I had a few LOL’s. I’m watching the video all into it ready to start fapping and then the abovehappened. Is it fake? Probably. Should you watch it? Only if you have a sense of humor or did the terrorists take that from you?

Thank Satan for Makeup

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Lady GaGa appeared inHarper’s Bazaar. Lady GaGa is the perfect example why women and makeup go together like girls with low esteem and me. Girls with low self esteem is the greatest thing ever, you can cheat and tell them they just don’t trust you and it’s also simple to trick them into abortions. Anywho back to GaGa, She can look somewhat normal when she wears makeup and why all the tattoos? Is there anything moreunattractivethan a girl with a tattoo on her arm or hand? No the answer is no.

Hot Fap material is here

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I found some super sexy footage to fap to and it’s on Youtube so you don’t have to feel all pervy like you do on ijustwantedpornwhyamiwatchingamilftakeurineinthefaceandwhyamitouchingmyselftoitomgiamafeak.com Anywho it’s my favorite hottie hot hot Brooke Burke doing some sort ofexercise video, and you know who the real target audience is for these videos. OMG fast forward to 2:14, Brooke spanks herself, that’s when I finished…Just thought I’d share that little info. After watching the video I really thought it was a spoof video, only thing missing was the shake weight resting between Brooke’s God made implants.

Eva Longoria pops out on Letterman

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Eva Longoria appeared on David Letterman Wednesday and had a wardrobe malfunction (what a gay term.) I love that it happened on Letterman seeing how it turned out he loved banging the interns while married. I don’t know about you but I respect Letterman so much more now that he’s just like me, horny and eff’in girls in the driveway of her boyfriends home. Any hootie whothe boobie comes out at 3:21 of the video, yes your welcome.

Miley is back on Twitter Ya’ll

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Miley Cyrus is back on Twitter people! How is exciting is this?!?! As soon as I read the news I lost it in the middle of Hot Topic while shopping (I got the Miley alert on Google News.) First thing I did was quickly paid for my Ironic T-shirt andheadband then went to see what Miley was up to. She posted a few new pictures, hahaha Miley with a mustache! Get it? She’s a girl! Girls don’t have mustaches!!!

30 Rock? More like 30 boners

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I’m so far behind on everything going on, who is Katrina Bowden? When i first seen these pix I thought it was Julie Bowen (Happy Gilmore chick.) Anywho I got bummed out it wasn’t Julie. I read Wikipedia and it said Katrina Bowden has a part on 30 Rock, good for her. Speaking of Julie Bowen check out herbreastfeeding her twins and don’t look at these pix in a sexual way you perv, breastfeeding is anatural thing. If your mom breastfeed you maybe you wouldn’t be on this sitewith your hand in your pants. Here’s Katrina Bowden who has a part on 30 Rock…Enjoy!

Ewww Airbrushing

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FOR PR.indd

So Mariah Carey finallydecidedto go topless for the first time in Life & Style magazine (Dunno them either.) I can’t tell you howdisappointedI am seeing how I’ve had a huge erection for her before I had ball hair. Just lame, first off pregnant women are in no way sexy. Secondly, there is no secondly.

Sidebar: I’ve been really busy getting screwed by companies like ePassporte and others in 2010 so Iapologize for theabsence. I’m almost back on my feet and Iappreciatethe emails. Now enough of the gay stuff, how about those sweet airbrushed boobs?