Who is that?

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The men’s magazine has named “Mad Men” star Christina Hendricks the hottest woman currently. First who is Christina Hendricks and what is Mad Men? I’m 24, am i already that out of touch?

Christina Hendricks, the pillowy redhead turning heads on “Mad Men,” has landed the cover of Esquire’s “Women” issue after beating out Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima and “Transformers” star Megan Fox in the magazine’s Hottest Woman contest with 30 percent of the vote.

Is this a weird joke or something? Who the H is Christina Hendricks?!?! Is she a special needs actress that’s dying and that was her last wish? I have nothing against Red Heads, my first sexual experience was with a red head. Well i don’t think you can call it a sexual experience. Remember when your like 6 and you rub against your little classmates and have that funny feeling? I loved it, he didn’t care much for it. Ha turned it gay at the end.

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