Ahhh!! Ok i’m fine now

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Britney Spears topless backstage

Natalie Portman in a thong in a strip club

Christina Aguilera flashing during video shoot (NSFW)

Hilary Duff wet t-shirt

Tara Reid ass in a thong in bed

Adriana Lima rare nude pix (NSFW)

Rihanna topless in short shorts

Keeley Hazell huge boobs in tiny bikini

gagacupLady GaGa posted this picture on her Twitter account i believe, I’m not to sure because I don’t follow her. I’m gay enough by using Twitter myself so what’evs. Why oh why does the unattractive girls not mind going naked infront of the camera but when i find a sexy girl at the mall it turns into a “No I’m going to get naked in Foot Locker and why do you have your pants down?!?.” It’s art biatch! Anywho it’s Lady GaGa naked so take those pants down big boy and enjoy…i guess? If your into that sort of thing.

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