So your not eff’in your dad?

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Miley Cyrus wrote in her new book (Yeah 16 years old writing a book about her life) That she is bothered by people who think that she and her dad, singer Billy Ray Cyrus, are “too close or too cuddly.”

The teen sensation writes in her memoir, “Miles to Go,” that negative reactions to her bond with her father and “Hannah Montana” co-star hurt her feelings. She finds nothing “weird” about their relationship and believes some people are simply “full of anger, hatred and bitterness.”

I’m not saying there is anything weird going on especially since she’s 16 years old. Now if she was 18 i would say the whole nude shoot with her dad is probably how they spend a normal…How about that book huh? Sounds like something to pick up.

Look what Chris Brown did to Rihanna!

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TMZ is reporting this picture was taken right after Chris Brown beat the hell out of Rihanna. I’ve read comments on other sites that this picture should not be published. Are you kidding me? This is real life. Chris Brown should serve at least a year in prison for this. You never put your hand on a woman, well bitches don’t count. Hope you drop the soap biatch.

Letter to God by TC

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Carmen Electra exposed

Rosario Dawson naked (NSFW)

Fergie big boobs in bikini

Hilary Duff braless

Lindsay Lohan new braless pix

Beyonce big ass in bikini

Britney Spears topless outtakes

Dear God i know we ask for alot lately seeing how everyday hundreds of Americans are losing their job and it’s getting harder to support our family. My only concern is why in the hell do you let Pamela Anderson act like a slut in public at her age? I’m starting to question alot of things because of this. I’ll assume somehow you overlooked Pamela and her freakishly Dark Knight-ish look.

Hefner paid her $500,000 to get naked

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Playboy reportedly paid singer Audrey O’ Day $500,000 to pose nude for the magazine. Now i’m not saying it’s Karma coming back to get them for paying Audrey that much money and that’s the reason Playboy is going out of business. Ok i am, Hugh deserves public housing for being such a huge dufess.

No more Playboy? Up for sale soon

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Playboy Enterprises Inc, publisher of one of the world’s best known adult magazines, posted a wider fourth-quarter loss, hurt by $157.2 million in restructuring and other one-time costs, as well as weaker-than-expected revenue.

The company, which posted a net loss in each quarter of 2008, also said it would be open to discussions about an outright sale of the company, or changes in the strategic direction of the flagship Playboy Magazine.

Net loss for Playboy, which in recent months has seen a management shake-up including the resignation in December of longtime Chief Executive Christie Hefner, was $145.7 million, or $4.37 per share. This compares with a loss of $1.1 million, or 3 cents a share, in the year-ago period.

Revenue declined to $69.8 million from $85.9 million, due in part to the sale of its television studio assets.

Honestly who in the hell reads Playboy these days anyway? Playboy paid Audrey O’ Day $500,000 to pose. Why do you want to pay to see Softcore pix when you can watch hardcore videos for free? I can either look at an airbrushed picture (NSFW) or watch the same whore get banged in a threesome (NSFW) online for free, tough choice. The only thing i’m worried about is Hugh Hefner, how is he going to pay his girls that $1,000 a week to keep them around? Damn recession and the internets!

Wanna see Lily Allen naked?

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Lily Allen recently admitted she would go nude if the offer was right.

The British singer admits she’d bare all for a magazine or movie – if it wasn’t just an exploitative spread.
She tells U.S. news show Extra, “Iím just very comfortable in my body. I wouldnít do it in a ‘Hey, look at my boobs’ kind of way.”
And Allen admits her healthy new outlook has given her the confidence to peel off for the cameras.
She adds, “I was eating a lot of unhealthy food because itís difficult to source fresh food when youíre on the road. When I came off the road and was living at home, I was making myself dinner and Iíve never been healthier.”

I don’t know if it’s a legit offer or not but i got a camera on my iPhone and would be willing to take some pix? Oh yeah i require you to show some pink too, so ummm get to spreadin’.

Don’t you need boobs for a bra?

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Pamela Anderson playing with her boobs in a see thru top

Christina Aguilera flashing her boobs to Donald Duck

Mariah Carey big boobs pop out during Award Show

Lucy Pinder and her perfect naked body (NSFW)

Lindsay Lohan drunk making out with a chick

Alyssa Milano hot sex scene (NSFW)

WWE Diva Candice Michelle pre-fame nude pix (NSFW)

Paris Hilton was caught going out without a bra. I thought about censoring the above picture but it doesn’t make alot of sense since seeing how her boobs doesn’t even qualify as an A-cup. Hey it’s boobs though right?

Don’t eff with Madea

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I love Tyler Perry seriously, i think he’s a genius. It’s just soooo obvious he likes getting pounded from behind by a butch dude named Bubba while he’s wearing the Madea outfit. What’s the big deal? I like to pay homeless bums $10 each to touch me while i’m naked. We like our own thing, it’s not that bad being gay. My girl once slipped her finger in and it wasn’t that weird. Anywho onto the non-existing story. Tyler Perry is hitting back at people complaining about him casting former Cosby Show cast member Keshia Knight Pulliam as a hooker in his new movie.

He says, “If you look at that woman and you see Rudy Huxtable, you’re a pervert.
“She is a woman and she needed an opportunity to break away from Rudy because people won’t give her a break, because they think, ‘Rudy, Rudy, Rudy’.
“So I’m like, ‘How far can I take you away from Rudy? Hooker – let’s do it.’”
But Perry fears he may have upset Pulliam’s former TV dad, Bill Cosby, over the casting.
He adds, “I’m waiting for that phone call.”

Can’t we all agree that Bill Cosby has lost his damn mind a long time ago? So what if he gets pissed? That’s like talking shiite about a former President, they were once important but do they really matter anymore? We’ll mourn them once they die but that’s about it.