Lady Gaga makes me confused

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Is she attractive? I can’t figure it out. Do i want to have sex with her or what? Does she really have a penis? Her music is alright which isn’t saying much seeing how i am a flaming homosexual who likes to get arrested on purpose just for the thrill of the cavity search.

Banging the depressed girl

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Hayden Panettiere bending over in short shorts

Lindsay Lohan see thru bra behind the scenes

Scarlett Johansson topless in pool

Victoria Beckham braless

Jennifer Love Hewitt in lingerie

Megan Fox behind the scenes nearly nude

Brooke Burke softcore porn (NSFW)

Elisha Cuthbert hot side-boob

Amy Smart topless on movie set

Finally some new pix of Rihanna has been released and she’s looking really depressed. I don’t know it’s kind of a turn on to me. Are depressed girls still depressed when their getting nailed? Are they like “yeah that’s good mmm, my life is horrible, i thought he loved me maybe he still does.” And i’m all “I bought you some shoes Jesus Christ shut the hell up!”

Awww young love

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Marilyn Manson and ex-girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood have reunited reports are claiming.

When spotted outside the hotel the next day, Marilyn told onlookers he was, “waiting for my girlfriend”.

Wood then left the building and jumped into a waiting car with the goth rocker.

Manson, 40, and Wood, 21, were first linked in 2006, when it was reported he was having an extramarital affair with the actress.

How sweet is that? I always knew Mr. Manson was a big ol’ softy. Even though he has female breasts and the ability to give himself a mouth-hug he still wanted his girl on Valentines day. Awwww

Melyssa Ford mmmm mmmm

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Lindsay Lohan posing topless (NEW PIX)

MTV Babe goes softcore porn (NSFW)

Madonna topless on the runway

Dita Von Teese rare nude pix (NSFW)

Emma Watson in lingerie

Jennifer Love Hewitt shows too much on the Tonight’s Show

Megan Fox in tiny dress showing panties

Hilary Duff sucking on a guys…finger

Christina Aguilera oops in concert

Melyssa Ford blessed the new issue of King magazine with her amazing ass. I thought Melyssa was retiring from doing these type of shoots? Rescission is a bitch! Time to get the boobies out again.

FHM are NOT some bitches

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FHM recently did a new photo shoot with Mischa Barton. It’s nice to see FHM got an actress to do a new shoot but why Mischa? Come on guys get Mandy Moore or Scarlett Johansson, hell i’m obsessed with Diane Lane Lately.

Lindsay in fishnets

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Mariah Carey topless on the beach

CoCo spreading ass

Brooke Hogan braless

Sophie Monk hot sex scene (NSFW)

Hilary Duff sexiest pix ever

Christina Aguilera oops on stage

Megan Good bare boob slip out in public (NSFW)

Lindsay Lohan posed for some book. I never seen this picture before and i know you haven’t since i’m pretty sure i’ve seen every picture of every A-list celebrity. It either shows i’m dedicated or have no life. I say it’s a gift. Now excuse me my mama said i gotta get off the internet now and clip my Grandpa’s toenails.

Dayum Christina Milan!

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I’m sure there is more to the above picture but it just didn’t seem important enough to keep in the picture. Anywho Christina Milan posed for the April/May issue of King magazine. Damn Damn Damn! That is all enjoy!

I’m not saying she’s a whore…

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But she is wearing the whore uniform, thanks Dave Chappelle! Anywho Hayden Panettiere was out doing something dressed like a lady that only wants respect. Ok so the outfit isn’t that bad compared to what the other celebrities wear i’m just old fashioned. My girl must wear veils at all times and only allowed to show some ankle during my birthday.